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Here at JB Knife & Tool, LLC, we stand behind our products. All items carry a 100% guarantee. If you are not happy, you may return items in unused condition within one week after receiving (return authorization required). 

JB Knife & Tool, LLC guarantees our work to be free from mechanical defects under normal usage, and will repair or replace such items as necessary as long as we remain in business. Natural materials like wood and bone may shrink, crack, and/or discolor with change in temperature, humidity, or age. Due to their nature, these issues would not be covered under this warranty.

While it should go with out saying, Stupidity is not covered. Ask yourself why your item has failed. Where you using a skinner for batoning? Did you use it like a pry bar or screwdriver? Such usage is not covered, but we are willing to try to fix your mistake for a fee and hope lesson learned.